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Model 17 "Astro"
Model 17 "Astro"
Sorry, not currently available


1/4" blade stock. 1 1/4" blade depth. Approximately 3" of the top edge is sharpened. Fastened with removable stainless steel bolts. A slot in the heavy tang and matching hollow inside the handle may be used to carry matches, fishhooks, line and other survival items. The Model 17 was especially designed for the seven Mercury astronauts, who carried them on America's first manned space flights. Astronaut Gordon Cooper did the final design, and two of these historically valuable knives are on display in the Smithsonian Institution. Mint condition.

SKU: 14072

Product Specs

Blade Length5.5"
Overall Length10.25"
ClassificationCustom Knife

Additional Specs

BolstersStainless Steel Double Hilt
Blade MaterialsStainless Steel
Handle MaterialsBlack Micarta

Model 17 "Astro"

by Randall Made Knives
Date Added: 6/25/2010
Currently out of stock
Sorry, not currently available

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Randall Made Knives

The models offered by Randall have been developed over a period of 68 years from personal experience, extensive research and the study of hundreds of designs submitted by individuals around the world requesting custom-made knives. Demand is so great for all models that there is typically a wait of a few years to deliver a new knife ordered from Randall. All Randall knives listed as "In Stock" on our site are ready for immediate delivery. Read More
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