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V-Gar System
V-Gar System
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"The V-Gar system, which inlcudes a V-Gar Belt, Manrikigarrote, V-Gar Pouch, and Stat Pouch, allows versatile, concealed personal protection under all types of attire and conditions. It is a perfect companion used alone or with a Blade Rigger harnessing system.

The custom V-Gar Belt, worn around the waist, is black 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" wide. It features a special hollowed interior with three pockets and a Velcro buckle flap. It may be worn for deployment from either the left or the right side of the body, allowing immediate drawing of the Manrikigarrote concealed within the belt. Belt loops hold the V-Gar Belt securely in position during deployment. The V-Gar Belt may also be worn under or over pants that do not have belt loops; to deploy, grasp the belt firmly with one hand while drawing the looped tube handle with the other hand. The V-Gar Belt's two additional zipper pockets may be used for cash, change, keys, etc.

The Manrikigarrote is designed as a multipurpose defensive tool for grappling or swinging to create distance between you and your opponent. The ergonomically designed, contoured teardrop T-handle can be used in the hand as an impact object or swung for impact, which provides an additional two feet of range. The multifunctional tool can also act as a tourniquet or temporary cuffs and come-a-long in an emergency."

The V-Gar system was discontinued and is no longer available from Blade Rigger. Includes original paperwork. Never used or carried.

SKU: 11352

V-Gar System

by Blade Rigger Custom (James Piorek)
Date Added: 12/11/2009
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Sorry, not currently available

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