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Fixed Blade Knives – The origin of all knives

Beginning with sharpened sticks or stones, fixed blade knives have evolved into mankind’s most used tool. Fixed blade knives serve many purposes in today’s world. 


Probably the most common use of fixed blade knives, hunting requires knives that are sized to the prey, shaped for skin penetration or skinning, and are durable enough for heavy use outdoors. 


Fixed blade knives have been used as weapons since the beginning of humankind.  Useful for both offensive and defensive positions, tactical knives include daggers, swords, boot knives, and fighters.  The ever popular Bowie knives are a blend of a hunting and fighting knife. Boot knives, neck knives, and sleeve knives are small varients of tactical fixed blade knives.


Mostly associated with the military, ceremonial knives and swords often denote rank or status. In early times, this status was determined on the battlefield and reflects the quality of the knife and the proficiency of its owner.


From cutting rope to hacking through a jungle, fixed blade knives have the size, strength, and rigidity to handle many everyday tasks both at home and in the field.


Fixed blade knives are used around the world for preparing and eating food.  Kitchen knives have become a very specialized market in recent years; and any fisherman can tell you fillet knives are essential.

Arizona Custom Knives has fixed blade knives of all kinds including Bowie knives, boot knives, hunters, tactical/military knives, daggers, and swords.  Popular makers of custom fixed blade knives include Randall Knives, Andy Roy, Shosui Takeda, and Bob Dozier

Custom fixed blade vs Manufactured fixed blade knives

Manufactured fixed blade knives are mass produced to meet general needs at a lower cost. Custom fixed blade knives are hand crafted by skilled makers, some creating only a few knives each year.

Advantages of custom fixed blade knives

    • Broader range of materials, especially exotics like horns, ivories, woods, and specialty steels
    • More refined fit and finish of materials
    • Availability of special embellishments like engraving, gemstones, and scrimshaw
    • Higher collectability and value retention 

Selecting a custom fixed blade knife

These are some of the major considerations to weigh when selecting fixed blade knives.

Intended use

    • Casual or daily work
    • Artsy, hunting, tactical or utility
    • Light duty or heavy duty

Size and Weight

    • Lightweight for long periods of use
    • Heavyweight for strength and heavy duty cutting/hacking
    • Balance and feel in the hand 

Length and shape of blade

    • Stabbing, cutting, or hacking
    • Double edge or single edge
    • Hunting for large prey or small

Desired Materials

    • Exotics or commonplace
    • Natural or manmade

Fit and finish

    • Collector grade or work grade
    • Fine finishes or durable finishes