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Hunting Knives – Tools for survival and sport

Whether field dressing a kill or creating favorite cuts for consumption, sportsmen and survivalists alike find quality hunting knives are essential. 

While most hunting knives are functional, many custom hunting knives have fancy engraving, rare metals, and unusual handles. 

Hunting knives are generally optimized for slicing rather than stabbing or chopping.  That is why most hunting knife blades have curved, longer bellies. 

Because of their use in moist conditions, most hunting knives have a hand guard and textured handles for a safe, secure grip. That’s why stag, stacked leather and cork are popular handle materials. 

Arizona Custom Knives has a large selection of hunting knives for sale including drop points, skinners, and custom hunting knives.  Popular makers of hunting knives include D’Alton Holder, Ruana Knives, Mike Malosh, and Randall Knives

Custom hunting knives vs Manufactured hunting knives

Manufactured hunting knives are mass produced to meet general needs at a lower cost. As such they generally have lower quality steels and handle materials. Custom hunting knives are hand crafted by skilled makers using better steels and more durable or attractive handle materials.

Advantages of custom hunting knives

    • Broader range of materials, especially exotics like horns, ivories, woods, and specialty steels.
    • Sharper grinds and more edge retentive and moisture resistant steels
    • More refined fit and finish of materials
    • Availability of special embellishments like engraving, gemstones, and scrimshaw
    • Higher collectability and value retention 

Selecting a custom hunting knife

These are some of the major considerations to weigh when selecting hunting knives.


    • Moist, humid environments or dry, arid
    • Casual use or constant use
    • Day outing or survivalist trip

Length and shape of blade/handle

    • Hunting for large prey or small
    • General use or skinner
    • Balance and feel in the hand

Desired Materials

    • Exotics or commonplace
    • Natural or manmade

Fit and finish

    • Collector grade or work grade
    • Fine finishes or durable finishes