All-American Carnie Jack

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This is a DD Whips original red, white and blue braided leather spring-loaded carnie-jack. This has a 9" core, is made with red, white and blue cowhide leather and weights 12oz. It has a blue braided wristloop and custom red, white and blue braided handle. New from maker.
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DD Whips
I became interested in whips, got online and thought I could pick up a whip for $70-$80. Well, I found out I was wrong. You can pick up a whip for that amount of money but that is not a real whip, that is just something that vaguely resembles one. Good luck in getting that baby to crack. I found out you would have to spend $800 – $900 to get a quality whip. So I thought I could make one for around $300. The only way this was possible was to make it out of cowhide instead of kangaroo. So, I began educating myself on whip making because I knew nothing about it. Since 2008 I have been perfecting my skills and am at a point now where I believe I make a good quality whip. I know there are many people in the same situation as I was and don’t want to pay the amount of money some whip makers are asking. I think paying $300 for a good quality whip is affordable. Although I do make kangaroo hide whips as well, the cowhide whips are made for those people that want a quality whip but do not want to pay the higher price. Whips can be made out of any kind of leather, so if you have a preference, I would be more than happy to do it. Unless you are an expert at leather, you would have a hard time telling the difference between a cowhide whip and a kangaroo. I know this because whenever I take my whips to shows and display them, customer after customer ask me, “Is this cowhide or kangaroo?” Even holding the whip in their hands, not being an expert, they cannot tell the difference. Although my whips are fully functional cracking whips, many of the designs I have made were bought solely for the purpose of display. They are considered works of art, as one customer told me.
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All-American Carnie Jack