Testlab Outbreak

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This is a TestLab Outbreak which Anso uses to test new designs and materials.  The small folder has a fine tumble finish blade with Anso's unique "covex" grind.  Handle is fine tumble finish titanium with one sculpted blue/black G10 scale.  Perfect lockup, detent, and seating. Mint condition.
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Anso, Jens
I have been a knifemaker since 1988 and have been fulltime since 2001. I started making knives in 1988 after reading an article in an old issue of Popular Mechanics and I made my first knife out of a big file using a benchgrinder and a drillpress as the only powertools. It was big and crude but I was very proud. Since then I have been hooked on knifemaking. My knowledge in knifemaking comes from reading books and magazines about knifemaking, corresponding with other knifemakers and not the least learning by trial and error. I also credit the various forums about knives and knifemaking both for information, customers and friends.I have always had a great interest in craftsmanship and get inspired by all sorts of things ranging from traditional Japanese carpentry to modern architecture. I have a master degree in Industrial Design which has helped me a lot in refining my knife designs. After graduating I decided to become a fulltime maker and although it has been hard at times I have never looked back. I like being able to do what I like the most and enjoy being my own boss. I feel very fortunate that I can make a living of something I love so much. My workshop is my cave. I love being in the shop surrounded by tools and materials. Being able to do creative work everyday is a blessing. I like working from home which means I can spend more time with my family and work when I want.Besides knifemaking I have a few other interests when time permits. I have been rock climbing for some time and really enjoy the thrill of it. So far I have only been climbing on artificial walls since mountains are pretty scarce in Denmark but I love the thrill of it. Shooting handguns is another passion I have. I like the almost meditative state of mind it demands which really makes you relax and focus but also enjoy a little bit of "action shooting". I have some good advice for future knifemakers. If you don't want to make your second knife, don't make the first. All the people I know who have made a knife have been completely hooked. I know for sure that I am. "
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Testlab Outbreak