Morseth Brusletto Geilo Stag Hunter

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This Morseth Brusletto Geilo Stag Hunter has a mirror polished stainless steel clip point blade with hidden tang. Handle is stag antler with brass single guard and black, silver and red spacers. This knife is in very good condition, but the blade does have some pitting and scratches indicative of manufacturing processes during that period of craftsmanship. Comes with custom Morseth brown leather sheath with belt loop. Blade Steel: Mirror Polished Stainless Steel
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    Has Sheath, Hidden Tang
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    Clip Point
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    Horn & Antler
Brusletto & Co AS was established in 1896 by Rognald Brusletto. The history of ore mining at Hardangervidda and the craftsmanship of sails, scales, axes and swords around Geilo started already 1500 years ago. Geilo became an established power center in the early days of the forging of tools for work and leisure. It is therefore a very long tradition that the craftsman and industrialist Rognald Brusletto entered into when he started as a knife and jail on Geilo in 1896. When he designed and developed the machine hammer based on hydroelectric power, he also opened for technical development and industrial production which should put their mark on the company and the community for several generations. Today, Brusletto & Co produces finer sports and turbines. Our knives are an important tool, whether you're hiking or hunting and fishing. The blades are designed and manufactured for use. The shape of the shaft and blade is different depending on the need you want to cover. And not least, what is best in your hand. The steel we use is high-grade knife steel. It is treated, stopped and hardened for optimal hardness. The knife will last for a long time, but it will not be difficult to rebuild when needed. We use different types of wood in our shaft such as mash bark, birch, olive tree, nut tree and root nut. Our wood materials come from different places and are not endangered. We strive for environmentally friendly production and have return routines on residual materials wherever possible. We are proud of our knives, they are made with experience gathered through over 120 years of production.
Morseth Knives
The Morseth brand of knives was founded by Harry Morseth, a native of Norway who emigrated to the United States at age 17. After his death his grandson, Steve Morseth continued making knives under the Morseth name. AG Russel bought the rights to the name and the equipment in 1971.
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Morseth Brusletto Geilo Stag Hunter