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"The world's first fully modular axe system. Currently, there are four handle patterns and 15 head patterns, with more on the way.

100% made in the USA, PERIOD.  Even the fasteners are custom made to my specs.


ANY head will fit on ANY handle! Total interchangeability and mission flexibility. Going camping and want a fat bit and hammer poll for processing wood and driving stakes? No problem. Deploying and need faster piece with a spike for breaching, punching holes in things, breaking locks and chains, and possible CQB? I got you. Need a balls out fighter with the smallest possible form factor that will still tear shit up? Kowabunga. Just unfasten three bolts, pop the nuts, slide the old head out, and then slide the new head on.  Replace, nuts, torque bolts, and you’re done.  You say you broke your handles (not bloody likely), or you want different colored handles? Same deal. Total modularity. Total flexibility. Total customization to suit the user and the mission.

Custom stainless steel fasteners heat treated for maximum durability and toughness. Bolts are T30 Torx. Nuts extend all the way through handles and heads, and bolts are solid with no vent. It's like having three solid rods of nearly 1/2" round bar holding the heads on. And that's just the heads. Oh, yeah - if you've got a Strider spanner, it will also work with these fasteners.

There is an internal mortise/tenon interface between the heads and the handles for maximum security and stability of the head.

Each of the two handle pieces is machined form a solid block of 1/2" G10. Excellent shock absorption. Electrically non-conductive so if you chop through a hot wire, you don't get blasted out of your boots. And damn near impervious to fluids, solvents, etc, as well as the environmental effects of heat, cold, and humidity. Handles are machined and then blasted, providing the ideal amount of traction for use with gloves or bare handed.

Heads are 3/8" thick S7 with a Rockwell hardness of around 56C (+/- 1).  I feel this is the ideal compromise between hardness and toughness for the best durability and longevity of the tool.  For those of you that are not familiar with this steel, it is a shock steel - this is what jackhammer bits are made of. 

Both heads and fasteners are blasted and then sent to Ionbond for DLC coating in your choice of black or flat dark earth. This is hands down THE best hard use coating on the market today.

These will all come with a sheath system that provides a lot of flexible carry options.  This is the only portion of the system that is not modular (head patterns vary greatly, so I have yet to come up with a sheath system that is both modular and secure)."

This custom axe features an Ion Bonded DLC coated black S7 stainless steel head. Rockwell hardness of 56. S7 steel is "shock steel" which is used to make jackhammer bits. Has a V ground blade with machined bevels on one side and hammerhead on the other. The blade has a fully sharpened beard and a sharpened relief on the top edge. The handle is two pieces of black G-10 with the American Kami Logo milled into it and blasted for texture and grip. The handle fasteners are 3/8" heat treated stainless steel. Handle also features a mortise and tenon in handle for added strength. Comes with kydex sheath.

The model designation on these is Maniaxe B5.  Head pattern 5, handle pattern B. 

New from maker.

Blade Steel: S7
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American Kami
DJ Urbanovsky is the owner of American Kami and has been making knives since January of 2005. He describes his knifemaking style as "full function, post modern wicked with flowing naturalistic tendencies". He builds his blades for performance and to stand up to hard use, but wants them to be aesthetically pleasing as well. DJ currently works most heavily with 1095 carbon steel, G10, Kydex, and paracord, and is constantly experimenting with new designs.
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