Terzuola Collaboration Fixed Blade

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This is a collab dagger with a D2 blade with false top edge. Handle and bolster/guard is carbon fiber. Stainless pin and lanyard tube. Comes with premium black leather sheath. New from maker at USN G5 in Vegas. Blade Steel: D2
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    Has Sheath, Hidden Tang
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    Carbon Fiber
Olamic Cutlery
Olamic Cutlery is a young brand of semi-custom High Carbon Damascus hunting knives. Eugene Solomonik founded the company along with his father on 10/10/10. The word "Olamic" literally means "something lasting through eternity" and we aim to create exactly that. We combine 2,300 years of Damascus steel forging history with modern steels and handle materials. Metallurgy professor John D. Verhoeven along with Master Bladesmith Alfred Pendray set out to discover what made Damascus steel the steel that built empires. On a molecular level they narrowed it down to Vanadium, a key impurity that creates impeccable carbide bonding and ensures strength and flexibility. Their findings were published in this paper, titled Mystery of Damascus Blades (Scientific American, 01/2011). Our Damascus steel is High Carbon and includes Vanadium for maximum edge-retention and real-world hunting performance. Rockwell hardness ranges 57-59 HRC and most patterns are twist-based. The knives are made in Russia, where I grew up. We have a small 6-man shop in Russia's metalworking capital. Each knife is designed by us and hand-crafted with meticulous attention to detail. We have a deeply rooted respect for the art and use stone wheels to grind the blades and handles. The knives carry within themselves over two thousand years of Damascus steel forging history, as well as part of my own history. Russia's northern region Karelia is where I spent many summers, fishing and surviving. Our Birch trees come from there and are some of the finest in the world. Moreover, Karelia is home to great Vanadium-rich steels. Each knife is stamped with a unique serial ID and comes with a certificate of authenticity and a basic belt-loop leather sheath. The warranty, of course, is lifetime and extends to anyone in possession of the knife.
Watch a video about this maker's work: Damascus Knife Making by Olamic Cutlery
Terzuola, Bob
Bob Terzuola was born in Brooklyn, New York and attended New York University. Upon graduation in 1967 he went to Panama as a Peace Corps trainer and later became a jade carver and gemologist in the Motagua River Valley, Guatemala. In 1979, Terzuola began making knives and joined the Knifemakers' Guild in 1981on an endorsement from Bob Loveless. Terzuola's first knives were fixed blade designs made for soldiers in Guatemala. Later that year moved to New Mexico and began making folding knives. Seeing a need for a knife that could be carried discreetly, he developed a model featuring black micarta for the scales and bead-blasted titanium bolsters. Innovations in desgin for which he coind the term "Tactical Knife". Bob Terzuola attends many of the largest and well known custom knife shows across the world. Bob Terzuola Knives are known for their trademark design and high quality workmanship. Terzuola's most popular model is the ATCF, a folding knife design. This was his first tactical folding knife, although he also makes it with non-tactical materials. KnifeArt.com and Bob Terzuola have collaborated on projects such as the limited edition EXTF tactical folding knife. The KnifeArt.com exclusive EXTF was limited to 20 knives. Other knife models that Bob Terzuola is popular for are the 3A, TT-1, Model 7, Eagle Rock 514, TTF3A, Model 26, Starmate, TTF3B, Pathfinder, Century Starfighter, Starmate, Battle Guard, TTF6, Model 18 Combat Master, WEE T, and Battle Mate, just to name a few. Bob Terzuola also designed a very popular knife that for Spyderco, the SLIPIT. The SPLIT is made of the finest non-locking tactical folders on the market. Bob Terzuola has authored a book about the design of tactical knives named, 'The Tactical Folding Knife.' When you hear people say that Bob Terzuola literally wrote the book on tactical folding knives, he really did! Many custom tactical knifemakers have his book in their shop, and highly value his opinions and designs. Bob Terzuola has also authored articles about tactical knives and knifemaking for Blade, Soldier of Fortune and other publications. Bob Terzuola has collaborated with other custom knifemakers and production knife companies.
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Terzuola Collaboration Fixed Blade