Model 75 Grey G10 & Carbon Fiber

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This Model 75 has a satin finished CPM 154 stainless steel drop point blade with dual thumb studs and notched thumb rest. Scales are grey G10 with black carbon fiber bolsters, titanium liners, black fiber back spacer, and satin finished titanium tip up clip. New from maker at the 2013 USN G5 show in Las Vegas. Strong lockup and detent, centered/ seated blade. Comes with padded zipper case and Certificate of Authenticity. Blade Steel: Satin Finished CPM154
Product Details
  • Blade Length
  • Overall Length
  • Closed Length
  • Weight (oz)
  • Source
    From Maker
Additional Specs
  • Knife Type
    Tip Up Clip
  • Blade Details
    Drop Point
  • Handle Material
    Carbon Fiber, G10
  • Other Details
Jarosz, Jesse
My name is Jesse Jarosz and I am a knifemaker from small town Nebraska USA. I grew up on an acreage in the middle of nowhere and had always been the outdoorsy type. I have had a fascination with knives for as long as I can remember, and have been crafting weapons just as long. When I got my first pocket knife (I believe it was a western) I made spears, swords, bows and arrows - everything that every little kid loves, and I never grew out of it.

As I grew older I started helping my dad out with construction (he owns a construction business) and I learned many new skills and was granted access to many tools. Once I turned 16 I started working full time for my dad over the summers, and worked part time during the school year. I started collecting knives and firearms and did a lot of hunting/fishing/survival trips with my dad. My dad has always had the dream of being a ""wildman"" and living in the mountains off of the land and selling furs for his primary income. He's easily the greatest fur bearer I have ever known in my life. My dad has been my role model for my entire life and I guess the whole ""wildman"" has rubbed off on me.

Since I left the house and have been on my own, I have been enduring some survival trips and challenging myself in the wild. Ever since doing so, my obsession with edged tools came back into play, because knives are easily the greatest tool on earth. I wanted to start making knives to suit me in the wild, or even just EDC situations. So I went back to my dad's shop and starting pushing out some scrappy steel on the bench grinder. These blades were everything but beautiful, but still fully functional. My dad still uses some of these knives today for his furbearing trips.

Making these knives only inspired me to make more and better knives. Over time I obtained better tools and got connections with people who gave me some assistance and helped me learn the ways of working metal. From there, I only progressed, bought more tools, and made more and more knives until I am where I am now - making knives as a secondary source of income, and I love what I do.""
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Model 75 Grey G10 & Carbon Fiber