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"MPK-TI (NSN 1386-01-417-1263) was originally designed to meet the requirements of the US Navy Seals and Marine Corp Recon Units. The MPK12-Ti has a 7.125" blade that is good for all military and law enforcement missions, yet the MPK12 is 40% lighter than comparable steel knives. Whether you are the EOD person working in sand, a recon scout in a desert warfare situation, or a mountain unit working in the frozen tundra, the MPK's titanium construction will not break even in subzero temperatures. It is also excellent for seaborne and humid environment operations since titanium will not rust or corrode. The titanium construction guarantees that it is both corrosion proof and non-magnetic and requires zero maintenance. The Kevlar & Hytrel handle is so tough it can survive in any adverse environment and will not weaken when hot or subjected to UV. Built for the human hand, the handle is ergonomically designed for extreme hard use and long-term comfort. The MPK has been proven to be the "World's Toughest Knife" by 12 years of vigorous SOCOM military usage without a single broken MPK in the field. Use it, abuse it, put it away wet or dirty, this knife will last a lifetime."

Partially serrated blade. Some minor wear from the sheath on the blade and a couple of scuffs. Knife is unused. Includes a second nylon tactical sheath. Blade Steel: 0.250 Titanium"
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Mission Knives
Mission Knives, Inc. is a manufacturer based in Garden Grove, CA and all products are proudly made in the USA. We design and manufacture highly specialized knives and tools for use by military, law enforcement, special operations groups and the general public. We use advanced materials, primarily titanium alloys, along with other exotic metallic alloys, composites, and high strength polymers. Our products are lightweight, strong, reliable, and durable. Mission Knives? designs are unique in their physical appearance, as well as material composition for the production of indestructible cutting equipment. We guarantee that our products are the highest quality, and among the best and strongest manufactured. All products are fully guaranteed against any defects in workmanship and materials. Mission's knives are designed to function in all extreme environmental conditions as camping aids, dive knives and general purpose tools. Our products are well received by both the military and the general public. Mission Knives is a known and respected name in this field and has included A2 and S30V steel knives to our popular titanium knife catalog.
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