Walrus Skinner

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This skinner by Jim Behring of Treeman Knives features a satin finished convex ground blade, .174" blade stock and 1.085" blade depth, hidden tang construction. The handle has a nickel silver guard, fossil walrus ivory grip with black/aluminum/brass spacers, compass in the butt. Comes with a hand tooled MOSHER brown leather sheath and a zippered case. Has a few light rust spots on the blade, otherwise excellent condition.
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    Previously Owned
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  • Knife Type
    Has Sheath, Hidden Tang
  • Blade Material
    0-1 Tool Steel
  • Blade Details
    Upswept /Trailing
  • Handle Material
    Metallic, Tusk & Tooth
Behring, Jim
Visit this maker's website: Treeman Knives. Jim "Treeman" Behring is a lifelong native of Michigan, and his interest in knives - both collecting and creating them - goes back to his boyhood. Though he was raised in the city, Jim spent his weekends and summers in the country with family. It was there that he came to appreciate the pleasure of being outdoors, learning his way around the woods and honing his hunting and fishing skills. A recognized specialty of Jim's are Scagel-styled knives and camp axes, a reflection of the appeal the outdoors holds for him. However, his work encompasses a wide variety of knives, including his own designs and replicas of time-honored classics.
Treeman Knives
Treeman Knives, the original J. Behring Handmade began in 1998 as a one-man operation dealing in antique knives such as Marbles, Ruanas, Randalls, and many others across the country and throughout the world. I have bought and sold thousands of knives over the years, but I was always fascinated with William Scagel knives. Then one day I decided to try and make my own replica in the traditional Scagel style with some influence from MSA Co, Ruana, and Randall. I soaked up as much information as I could and then bought my first upright grinder and a few other must have knife-making tools and got to work. Having a background in the forging die trades from years past, I comfortably knew my way around grinding and finishing metal. I finished my first small batch of knives and took them to a local show in Michigan. Paul Baush from A G Russel knives bought all my knives. In that moment, that was it! I bought several belt grinders, buffers, ovens, a gas forge, anvils, and the list went on. I then added on to the shop and built an office where my wife, Deanna, and I still work today. I made more and more knives and they continued to sell. I worked hard to create my own quality style and design. It was seven days a week with 10 to 12-hour days for nearly 7 years of nonstop dealing, making, and selling all sorts of knives and build the Treeman name . I attended as many as 25 shows per year across the country in order to promote my business, buy and sell knives, as well as meet and greet people from all over. The rest is history. I have been a fulltime knife maker ever since and have made several thousand knives to date. In 2009, I got a call from Navy Seal, Eric, and his buddy Tony. They asked me to make them a few heavy-duty combat tactical fighter knives. We worked out a design and it was then that the Ultra Phalanx was born. I then produced more for other Navy Seals they new and slowly the word got out. Naturally, the tactical line of Treeman Knives ®, known as the Treeman Combat line, was created. Today we sell many more patterns in many different variations in a multitude of blade finishes and handle materials. They are used by law enforcement, Special Forces, Seals, operators, outdoor enthusiasts, and survivalists from around the world. I stand behind everything I sell and appreciate your business very much.
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Walrus Skinner