N° 281 - Prototype

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This N° 281 linerlock flipper by Sergio Consoli features a hand-rubbed satin finished recurve blade with a flipper. The handle has lightning strike carbon fiber scales and tip up clip, Inox steel liners, and an anodized titanium backspacer and tip up clip. Nice lockup, blade seating and detent. Outstanding work. Includes certificate from maker, and a zippered case. Excellent condition.
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    Previously Owned
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  • Knife Type
    Tip Up Carry, Tip Up Clip
  • Blade Material
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    Drop Point, Recurve
  • Handle Material
    Carbon Fiber
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Consoli, Sergio
Creating a knife by hand is what I consider a real art form. The satisfaction of seeing an object that comes from its own hands, which takes shape and which reaches mechanical, artistic and aesthetic perfection is what repays me the most for all the hours of work and effort it takes to create a knife completely by hand. The passion for the "cutting tools" has always been in me as a child and has grown with me until the almost sudden decision to build my first knife alone, was a "need", a most an inner need that I could not put off, my hands and my mind had to start creating, of course, what had always fascinated me ... the knife! I started at 40, in 2003, practically self-taught, I had no experience of manual work, but I had done for many years the mechanical designer and this allowed me to know perfectly the technique and all the various stages of mechanical processing. Currently I am a member, with the rank of Maestro, which is the highest, of the Italian Knife Guild, an association recognized all over the world for the seriousness and above all the quality of execution that must maintain over time all its members. What I do now is what I consider my art form ... to create "craft, hunting and collectible knives". They are knives made entirely by hand, only with an infinite series of files, a small drill for the holes and a sander for the concave grinding of the blades, nothing else! I realize especially folding knives, which satisfy more 'my desire to build perfect mechanical objects and precisely the perfection in the smallest details, even inside where you can not see, is what' distinguishes a knife created by hand, from an industrially made . The mechanics must then be built in the best possible way, without counting the hours of work, only so 'the final result is guaranteed. Of course with the passing of the years I have refined my technique and currently I have improved even more the mechanism inserting on the blade rotation a system of ball bearings, which guarantee an absolutely perfect seal and allow the blade to close and open without the least friction and with an incredible sweetness. With regard to the blades then, I'm experimenting with new types of hardening, which give hardness of 62-63 HRC and allow a thread seal and exceptional cutting quality for all types of use. I realize virtually all the knives on my initial design, they are all unique pieces made entirely by hand up into the smallest details, one at a time, just so, in my opinion, a knife can be considered "handmade". Regarding the materials I use, I can say that for the blades I prefer RWL34 steel which is sintered by powders and guarantees the total absence of internal defects, I sometimes use even the damask, both stainless and carbon, for the unicita 'that give the knife, since every damask is always different from another. For the handles, one of the most beautiful materials is the mammoth tooth, which can be found in a variety of colors all beautiful, I also use the fossil ivory of mammoths, various roots, titanium and carbon fiber. Most of the knives, however, 'I do it completely in steel, to be able to then be engraved, always and strictly by hand, to transform even more' knife, into a real work of art .. .
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N° 281 - Prototype