Modular Kubaton Pen Deluxe Set - Flame anodized

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The modular kubaton is a different breed of weapon. Our Modular Kubaton Pens are a unique design of innovation, CNC and CAD/CAM technology. By utilizing modern equipment and computer software we have taken the kubaton to a whole new level. Adding texture to the body assures the user of a no-slip grip. A choice of easy to change attachments, allow the user to configure it as a utilitarian pen or a kubaton.

Not only is the modular kubaton an effective self defense tool but it is just plain fun to handle. With a selection of different end attachments, your pen can be configured to meet the mission requirements.

Finish: Flame anodized
Included in this set:
Modular Kubaton body
3 piece Pen Attachment
Bullet and Short Bezel Strike attachments
Tightening pins
Pelican 1020 waterproof case

Brand new from maker.
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Hinderer, Rick
In the mid 1980’s Rick Hinderer began his knife making journey making art knives in a small 14′ x 18′ turkey coop with none of the modern amenities, like heat or running water! Art knives are a far cry from the tactical scene which Rick is so deeply entrenched in now. Over the years his meticulous attention to knife design and knife making, coupled with his real world experience as a Fire Fighter / EMT sets him apart from the rest. Rick’s design philosophy is deeply rooted in his experience with using his knives as part of his first responder tools. That catalyst of change from art knives to hard use tactical was after Rick joined the rescue dive team. He really began to look at knives and designs more as hard use tactical tools than works of art. Rick began changing over from old world knife making techniques to modern CNC precision manufacturing. With the combination of designing art knives, and his real world experience as a first responder, this unusual perspective allows him to design hard use tactical folders that are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but extremely comfortable in the hand. All of Rick’s products are engineered to go the distance when it counts the most whether it be when life is on the line, or you just need a good cutting tool! Visit this maker's website: Rick Hinderer Knives.
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Modular Kubaton Pen Deluxe Set - Flame anodized