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Jenny Wren is the traditional name for a small, brownish-grey bird found in the Northern hemisphere. Its covert colors help it to disappear into its surroundings and its highly adaptive nature makes it a tenacious creature in new environments. These characteristics spawned the namesake for RMJ’s Jenny Wren - a no-nonsense hawk that is a lightweight and compact field tool with a wickedly aggressive profile. Developed to meet the requirements of a fixed blade knife in weight while retaining the tenacity and psychological advantage of a tomahawk, our RMJ Jenny Wren TAD Edition is a rare opportunity to get your hands on one of these hand crafted masterpieces. Features: -The Chrome-Moly 4140 steel construction combined with a skeletonized tang results in a tomahawk that is nearly indestructible. -Exclusively available through Triple Aught Design is the hammer-poll head. Benefiting from the small footprint and low weight of this tool, the user will feel less of a drain on the body and a speed advantage during use and will enjoy the easy accessibility of having an axe and a hammer during camp prep. -Unique in its size, the Jenny Wren is small, but incredibly intimidating psychologically. This advantage makes it useful for situations where carrying a gun for self-defense is not an option. -The bottom eject, jump-ready Kydex scabbard has been updated with a flared opening. This additional flare makes for easy indexing of the blade once your task is complete. The scabbard can be configured as a sling or shoulder strap for easy carry. -The latest variation of our Jenny Wren TAD Edition exhibits field-ready upgrades to include: -Shortened beard to allow the user to choke up on the axe for fine detailed work without fear of catching the blade -Extended pinky catch for added stability during aggressive and heavy chopping. Blade Steel: Chrome-Moly 4140 steel Excellent condition. 2.625" blade length 11.75" overall.
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RMJ Tactical
I have made hand forged tomahawks now for over 35 years. Most of these hawks have been working historical reproductions and utility/camping axes. When it comes to design, my job as an engineer/historian/bladesmith is to draw from a wealth of historical axes aspects that we like and that can be executed with the tools and talents found in the shop. We may choose a blade shape here, a handle style there, a bowl shape from yet another piece. We may accurately copy just one tomahawk and it's details. There were thousands of tomahawks made in the 18th and 19th centuries, and because they were handmade no two were exactly alike. This makes my job pretty easy design wise: I pick the elements and execute these thoughts in the medium of iron, steel, wood and leather.
TAD Gear, Inc.
Whether on your toughest missions or in your everyday adventures, we know that exceptional quality and engineered functionality will help you succeed. We make gear and apparel for capable people. In the military, teams and equipment are deemed mission capable when they are ready to perform any operation within their scope. Wherever your missions take you, we know that you depend on our gear to help you achieve your objectives and get you home safely. We take that responsibility seriously. Engineers and machinists use 000 (triple aught) as shorthand for a thousandth of an inch, which has been the high standard of precision tolerance for over a century. Inspired by that ideal, we apply thorough design, high attention to detail, and strict tolerances to ensure our products meet your most rigorous needs.
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RMJ Jenny Wren TAD Edition - Dark Earth