Cuda Talon - Talonite Blade - Simonich Desgin

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"The Talon, designed by custom knifemaker and talonite pioneer Robert Simonich of Clancy, Montana for CUDA/Camillus is the ultimate personal fixed blade knife. The Talon is crafted of Talonite: the finest knife blade material available. Talonite holds a razor edge and will never rust or corrode. It is a revolutionary blade material and a new first from CUDA. The classic drop point shape of the Talon is the perfect 'user' shape for such an advanced blade material. The ergonomic design and practical profile lend the Talon to a myriad of work-knife chores like skinning, boning, and light utility work." Milled black G10 handle. Full tang construction with blade thickness of 3/32" and depth of just under 1". Comes with Kydex sheath with Tek Lok. Light sheath-scored marks on blade, otherwise condition. Very comfortable in the hand.
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    Full Tang, Has Sheath
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    Drop Point
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Camillus Knives
The Camillus Cutlery Company was one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the United States as its roots date back to 1876. The Company produced millions of knives until it filed for bankruptcy in 2007.
Simonich, Rob
You won't hear me bragging much about my knives, my customers do it for me. I use what I feel are the best raw materials I can find. For blade steel, my favorites are D-2, ATS-34 and CPM-440V. I carefully heat treat, freeze, triple temper and hardness test during the blade making process. If a blade doesn't meet these specs, into the garbage it goes. When you first get a new knife from me, it will be extremely sharp. Don't be disappointed if it dulls quickly, as it is actually too sharp. Resharpening one or two times will get rid of the ""wire edge"", and then the blade will really start to perform. I use diamond stones of medium and fine grit, and I recommend you do too. I like how the edge then bites into what I'm cutting. I guarantee my knives in materials and long as you don't abuse them!! It looks impressive, but we all know a fine blade used as a chisel becomes a lousy chisel. Knives are for cutting, not prying or turning screws. Deceased 2003
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Cuda Talon - Talonite Blade - Simonich Desgin