Large Model 4

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This large Model 4 features a brushed finish blade, fine bead blast titanium bolsters, and textured Kydex scales. Stainless steel clip. Notched thumb ramp. Smooth action. Solid lockup. Excellent work. Mint condition.

There are 2 small pin holes on the blade near the bolster. There is a great story to go with these two small marks. The owner of this knife contacted Mr. Carson about these 2 holes and the answer he provided is below.

"As soon as you mentioned the two pinholes, I knew which knife it was. Long story... I carried that folder for a little while. Back in 1993, Buck Knives asked me to join in a project with them. It was the Crosslock.They flew me to El Cajon, and I had that Model 4 in my pocket.

On a tour of their plant, I was introduced to Paul Bos, the world famous heat treater. He asked what knife I had in my pocket and if the heat treating was done by me. I told him it was a Model 4 and yes, I had done the heat treat. He asked me if he could Rockwell test it. The two indentations are from the diamond penetrator tip on his hardness tester. He did a second one to confirm the first.

Paul asked what the hardness was and I told him it was RC59. He smiled and told me that it was dead on 59. That started a great friendship with Paul. I've never used him for his services and do all my own heat treating. It was great for my ego. :)" Blade Steel: ATS-34
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Carson, Kit
Kit Carson who passed away in 2014, was instrumental in popularizing the flipper style of folding knife, Kit made a wide range of tactical and utility folders, the best known of which are the M16, M4 and M21. Reproduced by Columbia River Knife & Tool in a wide range of iterations, the M16 has been one of the company’s best-selling and most successful knives for many years. As revered as he was for his knives, Kit was more respected for his willingness to teach any and all how to make them. When knives and knifemaking exploded on the Internet circa the late 1990s and early 2000s, his mentoring benefited perhaps as many new and upcoming potential makers as anyone before or since. A voting member of the Knifemakers’ Guild, Kit spent 20 years in the Army, retiring as a master sergeant in 1993. He grew up in North Georgia, interested in all things mechanical from the start. He began making knives in 1972, the same year he was drafted into the Army.
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Large Model 4