Airkat Scorpion Model 4 - One of a Kind

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First, this is a "one of a kind", the only proper chisel ground bladed Scorpion Dwaine made; second, only 11 Scorpions are known to exist; and, finally, this is the last fixed blade Dwaine made before starting on his Tripwire models. Before you buy this knife we suggest you print this page for your records.The belly of the blade is sharpened 2 7/8 inch then angles up with a sharpened edge of 1 3/8 inch. 1/4 inch spine thickness with a 1 5/8 inch blade depth. File notched thumbrest and file notches on the body forward of the handle proper. The Kydex sheath has a belt loop, clip hangar, velcro strap, and steel stabilizer bar which also serves as a thumb bar break. The nylon spacers leave one side open to prevent the accumulation of mud, dirt, water, sand etc.This is one of Dwaine's real gems. Blade Steel: Chisel Ground 154 CM Satin Finish
Carrillo, Dwaine
Visit this maker's website: Carrillo Design. Dwaine Carrillo has been making custom knives since 1998. He started out making utility and hunting knives, with a primary focus on survival and hunting. One of Dwaine's goals was to make knife sheaths which were as functional as the knives they carry."I wanted to do something different than the industry standard. I see a lot of beautiful knives out there but I never see an equally well built sheath. So I decided I would do something different and start making the most RUGGED and FUNCTIONAL knife sheaths and knives I could possibly make. And that's exactly what I did."After making fixed blades for five years, Dwaine began making his trademark beefy folders. He continues to create innovative tactical knives that will keep you coming back for more.
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Airkat Scorpion Model 4 - One of a Kind