Assist D'Stroy - Mammoth Bone - Linerlock

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This version of Corrie's D'Stroy model features the thumbstud activated assisted opening. Barely touch the thumbstud and the blade opens and locks - not an automatic, but the opening speed difference is in milliseconds. Each bolster is a single piece of stainless steel, the internal and external portions are stippled, colored by a chemical process, then hardened with a low electrical current. The center portion has been buffed to a near mirror polish finish. The blade spine is partially fileworked, the liners and backspacer are fileworked and the mammoth scales are perfectly carved. Further enhancements are the ruby inlays in the thumbstud and backspring. An excellent knife by Corrie, and the assist opening is exceptional. Includes Certificate of Origin. Blade Steel: Stainless Damasteel
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Schoeman, Corrie
I started making knives about 30 years ago while at University. My first knife was a big Bowie made from a car spring and I obtained a piece of stag from the local zoo for the handle. I still have and treasure that first knife. In my younger days I was very involved in martial arts yet could not buy Japanese weapons to train with, so I made my own, a short sword called a "sai". My fellow students were enthralled and I began taking orders to make more. Although having earned two university degrees, I continued to make knives part-time, but it became such a passion that I left my profession and am now a full-time knifemaking artist. I have been a member of the South African Knifemakers Guild since 1985 and one of the three members of the prospective member evaluation committee. Today I only make folders and automatics, using the best exotic materials such as mammoth ivory, pearl, damascus and damasteel. All my folders have fileworked liners and backstraps, each folder has a jewel inlaid somewhere on the knife as well as in the thumbstud.
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Assist D'Stroy - Mammoth Bone - Linerlock