Carrillo Scarab Model 6 Spearpoint

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The Carrillo Scarab is a new design by Dwaine. The Model 6 Spearpoint features a 1/4 inch thick at the spine 1 1/2 inch wide blade. Extended thumbrest and angled filed index finger guard, plus finger grooves in the G10 scales provide multiple firm grip positions. Full tang with thong hole. The one-hand release sheath is designed so that the knife may be extracted easily by simultaneously pushing against the sheath cross-bar with the thumb while pulling the handle with the fingers - works quite smoothly and easily. Yet, while the knife is sheathed, it is held very securely in place. The wing nuts allow you to attach the sheath to a piece of personal gear which has holes (ideally with grommets) such as a web-belt, harness, pack, etc. Very nice package by Dwaine.Dwaine has also designed a Scout Model 7 (slightly different from the Scarab) with a Tanto blade, which (as of 11/30/04) is scheduled to be featured in a forthcoming issue of Blade Magazine. Blade Steel: 154 CM
Carrillo, Dwaine
Dwaine Carrillo has been making custom knives since 1998. He started out making utility and hunting knives, with a primary focus on survival and hunting. One of Dwaine's goals was to make knife sheaths which were as functional as the knives they carry."I wanted to do something different than the industry standard. I see a lot of beautiful knives out there but I never see an equally well built sheath. So I decided I would do something different and start making the most RUGGED and FUNCTIONAL knife sheaths and knives I could possibly make. And that's exactly what I did." After making fixed blades for five years, Dwaine began making his trademark beefy folders.
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Carrillo Scarab Model 6 Spearpoint