CIABATTA - Prototype

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The Ciabatta - (Italian for "slipper") by Pro-Tech, is not, by definition, an automatic/switchblade knife but it opens just as fast. The operation is based on a spring assist mechanism called PLUS (Pin Lock Ultra Safety) created in collaboration with knife designer Blackie Collins. The knife can only be opened with pressure applied to the blade, and there is a detent that keeps the blade in the closed position so that it cannot be flipped open with gravity.Very clear and concise instructions accompany each knife and after a couple of minutes of practice you get the hang of how it works, and then you are hooked. Clean, quite simple and with an additional slide safety to prevent accidental opening no matter how you carry the Ciabatta. Opened, the double ground blade locks up solid with no play. This has got to be one of the neatest and most practical knife designs to come along in quite a while. Our last remaining Prototype is serial number 60. Blade Steel: 154 CM Satin Finish
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Pro-Tech Knives
Visit this maker's website: Pro-Tech Knives. Pro-Tech Knives creates and produces automatic knives including the Runt, Stinger, Godson and Godfather models; military/law enforcement models such as the TR and ATAC models; the non-auto Ciabatta; and, a fixed blade combat dagger. This small California company, with a staff that has over 70 years of combined cutlery experience, manufactures small batches of knives, taking the time to individually hand fit and finish each knife. The production automatic models offer the best design, function and value of any knife on the market today. Collaborations with some of the top names in the knifemaking industry, such as Walter Brend, Blackie Collins and Jeff Harkins is evident on specific models. Going a step further, select models are elevated to a Custom version with damascus blades, unique anodizing patterns and other embellishments. These custom automatics are unique pieces of art, each one a limited-edition of showpiece, heirloom quality. Whether a production or custom piece, each Pro-Tech automatic knife is built to serve and serve well.
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CIABATTA - Prototype