Combat Hawk

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Laci Szabo on his new fighting Hawk from head to butt:

"Head: Slanted forward at a positive angle to maximize the impact area. Light enough so it does not carry your arm away in the swing. Heavy enough to generate a powerful blow. NO SPIKE! First rule of combat, ALL weapons must face the enemy. Why would you want a sharpened spike directly aiming at your face? There is absolutely no purpose for a spike on a fighting hawk. I have seen numerous accidents associated with the spike. All of them in a controlled training environment, not even in actual combat. The spike looks cool, I will give you that much. The other problem with the spike is you need a straight shaft, which brings me to my next point.

You need to provide a constant positive grip on a straight handle, otherwise the axe will fly away. Try to maintain a good grip after just five minutes of swinging. A Hawk needs a handle that will hook on your hand even when you are not squeezing hard. Our handle is designed so the swing actually increases the retention. The shaft is curved in the same manner as a climbing ice pick, an implement designed to maximize strength with less effort. A climbing leash (sold separately) can be attached to our Hawk to increase its effectiveness. For instance, a downward flick of the wrist will free the head from anything it is stuck to. The leash will also keep the hawk from swinging too far in its arch, making it possible to snap cut with it. The Combat Hawk sheath is the only one of its kind and it is designed for quick draw.

All the attributes of our Combat Hawk make it the fastest and most versatile in the market, custom or not. The Combat Hawk is handmade in the USA by Robert Newton. Sheath made by Robert Humelbaugh of Survival Sheath Systems."

Length: 16"
Head length: 5"
Cutting edge: 2 3/4"
Handle length: 8"

Brand new from maker.
Szabo, Laci
Some of our knives will be made of the latest high-tech materials; others will be hand forged and differentially heat treated. Every knife maker that we contract has a specialty. This flexibility in manufacturing is a guarantee of choice and quality. Different tools for different jobs. you will be the judge. Laci Szabo is available for seminars & private classes. Hand to Hand, Stick Fighting, and Knife Fighting.
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Combat Hawk