Ivory Mimi Folder

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This is a very stylish gentleman's folder. Perfect fit and finish, lightweight, and very classy. As an extra touch David used 24k gold plated screws on the bolsters and scales. David named it "Mimi" in honor of someone special and accordingly took great pains to make this knife as perfect as he could.
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Seaton, David D.
I got into knife making when I purchased a Blade Magazine and convinced my fiancee to attend our first Blade Show in June of 1999. We met many friendly and magnificent craftspersons who not only shared their craftsmanship but also their knowledge. After our first hour at the show, we were hooked. I had minimal experience in this area except for a few years working in a foundry where I gained some basic grinding and metal working skills. In 2000 I met my mentor and friend, Mr. Steve Davis, who kindly offered to share his vast knowledge, experience, time, and friendship, thus beginning my journey to learn the art of knife making. He invited me up to his shop in Powder Springs, Georgia for several long weekends of instruction over the course of the next 2 years. I completed my firstknife in November of 2001 and sold my first four fixed blade knives at the 2002 Blade Show. I sold my first folders at the 2003 Blade Show. Knife making is a form of therapy for me. I get to immediately see the effects of my efforts. I'm continuously learning and enjoy the process of improving and broadening my skills. In addition, I have developed lifelong friendships with other knifemakers and collectors. I prefer to work with ATS-34 and commercially available damascus for blades. I use titanium 6AL4V for liners and bolsters due to its lightness and strength. I also use damascus and other materials for bolsters as well. I prefer natural materials for handles (e.g., ivory, mother of pearl, abalone, and wood), but I have used micarta on martial arts training knives and "hard use" knives.I am currently an American Bladesmith Society apprentice smith.
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Ivory Mimi Folder