Large Mammoth Bowie

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To paraphrase Journeyman Smith Bill Sowell, "I make knives because I love to, not because I have to". His love for his creations surely shows in this mammoth size hunter. This knife is relatively light for its size but really has to be felt to be appreciated. Lovingly Forged from 3/16" thick and 2 13/16" at its widest, this is a blade with an edge. A wonderful knife and WOW what a Sheath- that's real Crocodile Mate! Check out the "Shop Tour" section of the December 2004 issue of "Knives Illustrated" for an interesting article about "Billy Bob" Sowell. A Maker making his mark on the knife community!!
Sowell, William
Bill Sowell is a Journeyman Smith who has been making custom knives since 1998. His knives bear the logo "Iron Horse Forge".Ive been married 26 years and we have 3 kids. I worked for the railroad as a locomotive engineer 25 yrs. and got in an accident in 1998. While recovering I came across Don Fogg's web page. I have always had a soft spot for knives, and collected a few worthless factory knives..Fogg's web page set me on fire. I wanted a hand made knife. Well I found out I could not afford one, so I set out to make me one. That was the fall of 1998 and I have not been the same since. I make knives because I love to, and not because I have to. To take a piece of steel and put it in the fire and shape it to a blade, take some wood or bone, put a handle on it, and it becomes a tool, there is just a feeling that comes over me that I have made something with my hands, especially if someone else would like to have it. I usually go out to the shop to work around 8 or 9 pm. When mid-night comes it seems I loose track of time and I start doing my best work. Sometimes the sun catches me. The shop is where I get lost in time. I came up with the name Iron Horse Forge, because I have been around the railroad all my life, and the old steam locomotives were called Iron Horses. I just thought it was a cool name. I don't make the same knife over and over, I can make them close, I don't name them. I name my kids. And I don't think knives are female or male. I hope you enjoy owning my knives as much as I enjoy making them.
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Large Mammoth Bowie