Liner Lock #21

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3-1/2" Thunderforged damascus blade,hot water blued with matching bolsters and full damascus fileworked spine.Stabilized desert ironwood scales.Custom thumb-bob, 24k gold plated screws .4-7/8 " closed. This knife won the Best Custom Folder award at the 25th annual Gator Cutlery Show.
Wilson, Stan
Visit this maker's website: Stan Wilson Custom Knives. "Ever since I was a small boy I have always carried a knife, to me it was an Indispensable tool, never to be without. Later on in years, it was a good friend & hunting partner who finally got me started in knife making, though he was unaware of it. Every time we went hunting he would tell anyone who would listen about his knife, an old Rudy Ruana. The knife I carried at that time was nothing special, so one day after hearing one of his stories for umpteenth time I decided to make one of my own. I was going to apply all my crafting skills to this task. Little did I know that what I was plunging in to was first going to evolve from a hobby, to an obsession, to something that I hope to make into my livelihood. It took months of trial and error to finish that knife, but when it was completed I felt great pride in a work of art,that of course today remains very functional. Upon completion of the first,I felt challenged to make another, but better. This is and always will be my creed. I promise to deliver each knife better than the last. That is the true challenge of what drives me today, to deliver the best I can. So I will go any length to ensure satisfaction and deliver what is truly a hand crafted knife.My choices of materials for my knives are natural and exotic handlematerials such as pearl, bone, ivory or fine burlwood combined with a Damascus blade. All my knives are made by stock-removal, free hand ground and hand finished.I do not work off of set patterns, but from a simple drawing. This takes a little more time but it also allows me to be more creative and have full control to make slight changes to each custom knife, obviously as result no two knives are ever identical.I maintain sole authorship on all my knives withthe exception of the Damascus I use and heat-treating of stainless steels.I make knives the old way, just one at a time."Stan's work was featured in the December 2006 issue of Knives Illustrated.
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Liner Lock #21