Sheep Horn Bowie

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Ed rarely (if ever) makes a Bowie like this any more. Hand Forged from 5160 steel known for its impact resistance and ability to take an edge, triple quenched with visible Temper lines. Amazingly rugged thick Saddle Leather sheath. Ed's prices go up every year and for a knife similiar to this a collector might search for years and never find. Super collectable or ultimate brush knife. Blade Steel: 5160 Steel
Fowler, Ed
I consider myself an explorer in whatever frontier I may find of interest. My life is one of knife maker, rancher, writer and reader. I am truly blessed for all of these arenas are places I want to be. These interests compliment each other to a great extent, for I am the filter that apples the information learned through my personal dedications, the functional knife. My readings provide me with companions from many frontiers, my lifestyle keeps my feet on the ground, therefore I come to know man and the creation at its most honest uncorrupted level, this is my inspiration from which I am able to make my kind of knife. My absolute dedication to a knife based upon function rather than fashion or glitter has resulted in knives that are immediately recognized as coming from my hands. Each is totally hand crafted by me, in my hands, as it is carefully guided in its journey to becoming an honest knife. Each knife carefully developed step by step to be an individual statement of its own. Blades are hand forged and hand ground; when someone purchases one of my knives, he is buying a part of me, paying for my dedicated experience, skill, and what I envisioned at the time the knife was created. I take no shortcuts in the careful development of each and every knife I make. Born in the Rockies of Colorado, I cannot remember a time I was not fascinated with knives and nature. I have worked in timber, construction, in law enforcement and now on a ranch on the Wind River less than a mile from the 1838 fur traders rendezvous sight near Riverton, Wyoming. I farm and ranch full time, and have done volunteer work (to evaluate knives ) on the kill floor. All my experiences have taught me that personal attitude and preparedness are very important factors of survival.
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Sheep Horn Bowie