Troodon Prototype D/E OTF High Polished SN 006 - Automatic

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The Prototype Troodon double edge spearpoint features a hand polished blade by Tony Marfione. The frame has the dagger logo and the pocket clip is marked: Troodon with a headshot of this dinosaur; Prototype; 02/06; Serial Number 006. The Troodon frame is of a tapered style, narrow at the front, slightly thicker at the center, then narrowing at the rear, providing an excellent grip and feel in the hand. A dual action fire/retract Out The Front auto with a spine mounted, ramped titanium trigger, the Troodon operates with extreme speed and smoothness.The Troodon (Greek for "wounding tooth")was probably the smartest of the dinosaurs with a relatively large brain for its body size (approximately 6.5 feet in length, 3 feet tall and weighing roughly 130 pounds). The Microtech Troodon, like its namesake, is compact, lightweight, with a wicked bite. This Prototype is superb in every respect. Blade Steel: S30V High Polish by Tony Marfione
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    4.5 ch cludg Glass Breaker
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Troodon Prototype D/E OTF High Polished SN 006 - Automatic