Wolf Pak - AirKat Hunting Knives Set

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AIRKAT WOLF PAK ( 3 piece set )BLADE TYPES...*Hollow Ground,bead blasted 154cm. Hunter/Skinner - 3 1/8 inch cutting edge; 8 5/8 inch OAL; 3/16 inch thick; 1 3/8 inch depth. Brown/red G10 scales. Large finger hole, thong hole.Small Game/Caper - 2 3/4 inch cutting edge; 7 inch OAL; 1/8 inch thick; 3/4 inch depth. Brown/red G10 scales. Index fingr hole, thong hole.Gut Hook - 3 9/16 inch OAL; Index finger hole and ring finger cut-out.The belt looped sheath includes a built in ceramic sharpening rod.The Wolf Pak set was designed for Hunters of large and small game.All 3 pieces have finger holes as an integral part of the system. These finger holes provide plenty of control and protection to the user when cleaning game. With the finger hole system,you are able to operate the blades without the fear of your fingers slipping and cutting your fingers off. This is one of the first knives ever made by Dwaine. Blade Steel: 440C
Carrillo, Dwaine
Visit this maker's website: Carrillo Design. Dwaine Carrillo has been making custom knives since 1998. He started out making utility and hunting knives, with a primary focus on survival and hunting. One of Dwaine's goals was to make knife sheaths which were as functional as the knives they carry."I wanted to do something different than the industry standard. I see a lot of beautiful knives out there but I never see an equally well built sheath. So I decided I would do something different and start making the most RUGGED and FUNCTIONAL knife sheaths and knives I could possibly make. And that's exactly what I did."After making fixed blades for five years, Dwaine began making his trademark beefy folders. He continues to create innovative tactical knives that will keep you coming back for more.
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Wolf Pak - AirKat Hunting Knives Set