Grave Situation

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This knife is titled "Grave Situation" and was created by Gary L Barnes. It features a mirror polished tanto blade with satin flats, dual thumbstuds and a notched flipper, the makers mark is hand engraved. The handle has black canvas micarta scales with copper overlay, stainless steel liners, black canvas micarta backspacer that floats on two tool steel threaded barrels, tip up hammered copper clip. Rides on bearings, nice detent, lockup and blade seating. Comes with a leather pouch. New from maker.

List of specs from the maker.

1). Blade: Approx. .203" thick Stainless Tool Steel Stock.
2). Differentially Heat Treated Blade
3). Blade Bevels Crocus Polished on Barnes Leather 22" Wheel. Flats precision ground with ultra fine oil stone.
4). Sharpened Edge Bevels Mirror Stropped
5). Barnes Cartouche (B with a Dagger Thru it), hand Carved into the finished, hardened blade. That's my final "Sign Off" on the project.
6). Ball Bearing Flipper Liner Lock Design
7). Stainless tool steel spring liner
8). Threaded Detent
9). Jeweled/Engine Turned Interior Liners. Mirror Polished Liner Edges
10). Serial #, Date, Signature engraved on liners inside
11). Fine serrated thumb edge release bar
12). Serrated Flipper Lever and Thumb Rest
13). Integral milled Ball Race in each side of blade tang - thus tool steel
14). Barnes top Ball Race Inserts (tool steel) set into liners
15). Tool Steel loose Ball. Ball do not rest on blade pivot.
16). Tool Steel machined, threaded, "blade thru pivot tension tube". Provides redundant tracking with the ball race, and adjusts the bearing tension.
17). Scales are Barnes hand laid resin/fiber in Black Python pattern
18). Mark Side Escutcheon Plate of Skeleton emerging from Crevasse with Bowie in Mouth. Struck from original carved tool steel Barnes die. Work "Coined" with Barnes equipment.
19). Cold Forged Copper Clip. Struck with Skeleton Skull (same guy) and attached by threading into tool steel liners with tool steel machine screws.
20). Accent Oxide Patina created on Belt Clip and Escutcheon Plate.
21). Plate attached via Barnes Copper Tube Rivets with worked flares.
22). Dual rear spacer tubes in hardened tool steel. Floating Python Material Cover Spacer.
23). Machine Screws sanded and polished. Carbon steel screws heat blued and oiled. Stainless carved.
24). Dual Blade Studs
25). Barnes Black Glove Leather Slip

Note From Maker:

Gary has designed his path thru 44 years of unique knives He says on this one, he decided to take the bullet point features of the modern Flipper, and "showcase" those features. Sort of like the "Watch with a glass Back", or the Steampunk characteristic of showing all the "Gears and Connecting Rods".

His creation - which he calls "Grave Situation" - highlights Gary's die cutting and "Coining" capabilities. The full length Escutcheon Plate of a Skeleton scrambling up out of a Crevasse, the oversized hammered Copper Skull pocket clip. Stout format with oversized ball bearings which are visible as they roll. Ample flipper arm. Stainless two tone blade of .203" Stainless Tool steel, mirror polished bevels and precision ground oil stone flats. Gary even made the black micarta scales which - to his customers, he calls "Fossilized Florida Mosquito Tusk".

The blade is centered. Mechanically, the function is perfect. Everything else about the knife is uniquely Gary. Gary hand engraves his dies into hardened tool steel. He says he carves a 1 to 1 ratio: meaning he doesn't create a vastly oversized master. An imprint is then taken, using a press and technique that Gary developed.
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Additional Specs
  • Knife Type
    Tip Up Carry, Tip Up Clip
  • Blade Details
    Clip Point, Tanto
  • Handle Material
    Metallic, Micarta
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Barnes, Gary L.
Gary L. Barnes began making knives, Professionally; in 1975. "Good Grief! He's a Fossil !!! ..... or, very experienced." In Oct. 1983, Gary received his Master Bladesmith's Certification from the American Bladesmith's Society. He's won a whole wall full of "Best of Show", "Best Knife", "Book Cover Shots and Magazine Articles." He loves to develop new mechanisms and techniques. He says his mind is always showing him something new that "The Back Room" of his brain has been working on. While he takes nothing away from the fabulous Collaborative efforts he's seen, Gary has developed a wide range of skills which appear on his knives. If it's engraved, carved, etched, extruded, or coined .... Gary did it himself, in his shop. He doesn't keep track of the time it takes, it's finished when it's "Barnes". He hopes you enjoy the precision and whimsy, which are the hallmarks of Barnes Knives.
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Grave Situation