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From Dave Curtiss - "I present FUEL Knives! The new collaboration between Curtiss Knives and Turpin Knives. Dustin and I hashed out the design, I made the frames and other parts. Dustin is doing all heat treat, assembly and all final processes. We pretty much split up the work. This is our first model called "IGNITE". This knife features .160" thick titanium frames, .156" CPM-154 blade and IKBS. It is 8.09" open, 4.58" closed with a 3.25" cutting edge. This is the first of many new things to come from FUEL Knives."

This Ignite framelock flipper features a satin finish blade and a carved titanium frame. Orange peel finish titanium clip. Smooth and fast IKBS opening requires no wrist action. Perfect blade seating, detent, and lockup. Excellent work. Brand new from the 2011 USN Gathering. Blade Steel: CPM 154
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Curtiss Knives
Just thought I might tell you a little about Curtiss Custom Knives LLC. We are a veteran owned small business. When I decided to create this business, I had one standard in mind. To make the best knives and give the best customer service possible. I would like to tell you a little about customer service. My first job when I was a young boy was at a full service gas station if anyone remembers what that is. I was taught to not only pump gas but also check tire pressure, oil level , wash the windshield, and anything else that you saw needed to be done. I tried to use the same business model for Curtiss Custom Knives LLC. Let’s face it, these knives are not cheap. I know if I spent that kind of money I would expect to have an unconditional lifetime warranty too. If you don’t take care of your customers, you won’t have any eventually. It really has to do with taking pride in what I make. I never claimed to make the best knife, but I will give you the best customer service I possibly can. The knives will always get better. With that being said, here is the warranty on our knives. Unconditional Lifetime Warranty within reason. When I say within reason, it just means to use common sense. Your knife is not a screwdriver, pry bar or an axe. Don’t use it in that manner. Use it for what a knife is designed for, cutting. Now I don’t care if you are the original owner or the 10th owner. I warranty the knife, not the person. If you need a repair or just want your knife sharpened, please email me. Its that simple. Next is the processes we use to make our knives. I am the only one in our shop. No magic mini shop monkeys or anything. Just me. I start with a thought and turn it into a CAD drawing. If I like what I see, I create run files and cut my parts on our waterjet machine. Yes we have a waterjet in our shop. After the materials are cut into the basic shapes, I use our CNC machining center for the secondary processes such as milling, drilling, pockets and tapping. I do my blade grinds by hand on 2″x 72″ belt grinders that I designed and built. Other shop equipment includes heat treat oven, blast cabinet, vibe machine and misc. other machines. Anything else is done by hand by me. I do all of my sharpening on a belt machine I built. All knives receive a 20 degree polished edge. I do currently outsource for some hardware but we hope to make that ourselves soon. So I do not put my knives in a “mid-tech” or “production” classification. I call my knives “CUSTOM”. We own and operate all machinery in house. I'm very pleased to work with Arizona Custom Knives and look forward to a long relationship.
Fuel Knives
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Fuel Knives is a collaboration between Curtiss Knives and Turpin Knives. Fuel KnivesFuel Knives is a collaboration between Curtiss Knives and Turpin Knives.
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Ignite Flipper