Starfall Brass W/ Patina

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This Starfall Flashlight is a collaborative effort between Joshua Dawson and Mitch Lum. It features brass construction with dimpling and fluting. The pocket clip is from steel flame. Black rubber clicky switch on tail cap. Includes a padded slip case by Dragoncut Design. New from the maker. Specs: Driver - H17Fx Emitter: Triple Nichia 219C 4000K. Optic: Carclo with glow optic. Window: Flat Sapphire Watch Glass. Battery: Single 18650 (Not Included).
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Dawson, Joshua
I started crafting precision spinning tops and other collectible machined items in my garage in January of 2014. I've since built a new shop and added additional equipment in order for more people to enjoy my creations. Every machined item I offer has been crafted with the utmost attention to detail by me in my shop.
Lum, Mitch
I grew up in Honolulu, HI and left home for Seattle to attend the University of Washington for my undergraduate degree. After four years as an undergrad I received a B.S.E.E. (Electrical Engineering) and decided to stay at UW for graduate work. I finished my Ph.D in Electrical Engineering, working in the BioRobotics Lab on a project developing a next generation robotic telesurgery system. Until I came to college did not I truly discover my passion for knives. Since about 1999 I have become continually more involved with the knife community. In the past I attend about four or five major shows a year, plus the small local ones. Trying to finish grad school cut into my knife show travel. Part of my knife-collecting hobby was to photograph and review knives in my collection. When I first began to learn about custom knives, I always appreciated people who would give thorough and honest reviews and share quality images. When I began my own collection I returned the favor by offering my own reviews and photographs. I do so for many reasons. First and foremost it helps a potentially unknown maker get some exposure. It also allows other collectors, new or experienced, to see a knifemaker’s current work and see how they are progressing. Becoming friends with many talented knifemakers helped motive my own creative passion. I started with rings, primarily in Timascus and Stainless Damascus as well as Timascus pens constructed from high quality kits. In 2014 I made my first spinning top – since then it has been the primary focus of my work.
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Starfall Brass W/ Patina