BD-Mod 1

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This knife was designed in conjunction with SWAT Team member,customer,friend and now Knifemaker Ken Brock. Ken has a background in martial arts and armed combative's. It really shows through in the blade ware he is beggining to make. I was thrilled when Ken accepted an offer for us to put together a knife for Blade 2003. Both of us believe in no-nonsense knives designed for hard-use. With a common mindset, our first offering was born. This piece is inspired by the penetrating ability of a dagger style profile, yet overcomes the inherent "weak" tip often encountered in dual ground dagger designs. We opted for a chisel ground version to improve the edge geometry, and incorporated a unique "dual tanto tip" profile. This is the key to the knife, it possesses the penetration capabilities of the traditional dagger, yet has the tremendous tip strength of the Americanized tanto format. We are both very proud of our first joint offering and we hope there will be another collaborative effort in the near future Blade Steel: ATS 34 S.S. Matte grey bead blast finish
Dempsey, David
I have always liked and had an interest in knives. My father gave me my first knife, a little folder, when I was around five years old. To this day, I can remember the fascination and thrill it provided me. As fate would have it, I met my knife-making mentor on my honeymoon, ten years ago. A journey smith in the American Bladesmith Society at the time, Wally Hayes has been my inspiration, teacher and friend. I feel fortunate to have him as my guiding force. Using what I have learned from a great friend I am now taking those skills and incorporating them into my own style. As I continue to develop and hone my abilities I am finding the world of knife making more and more fascinating."
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BD-Mod 1