Gudy Van Poppel Bullet Flipper Mid-Tech #113/300

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This "Bullet" Mid-Tech by Gudy Van Poppel was produced by Editions-G and Lion Steel, it features a clip point tumble finished M390 blade with false top edge and flipper. The handle has a milled grade 5 titanium frame with a brass pivot collar, stainless lockface insert with built in lockbar stabilizer and a matching titanium tip up clip. Nice detent, lockup and blade seating, rides on bearings. Comes with original box and papers. New from maker. This knife is from a limited run of 300.
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    Tip Up Carry, Tip Up Clip
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    Clip Point
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Van Poppel, Gudy
Gudy van Poppel is a fulltime Dutch Bladesmith well known for his work in both Europe and the United States. He started as a genuine Blacksmith and has been making blades for several decades now. He learned to forge his own damascus steel mid 90's. He has been attending shows and exhibitions with his handmade/custom knives since 1997. He started with making/ hand forging mainly fixed blades and later on, swords. Becoming known within the inner circle of the knife community, also the demand for folding knives in his particular style began to grow. So ever since he started he build a broad repertoire of all kinds of blades. What most of these have in common is that they're mostly made with damascus steel forged by himself. (Gudy makes all parts of his knives, including screws, washers and timascus for example.) He is well known for delivering high quality and has a steady growing group of customers/followers, both collectors and users, in Europe and the United States of America. Lately third parties, as manufacturers, have discovered his designs and several collaborations are established. His blades are often finished with natural materials as mammoth ivory, walrus ivory, exotic hardwoods, antler and bones of all sort. This way Gudy van Poppel is able to handcraft modern knives with a classic touch or design. The fit & finish of his blades is of the highest standards available. His craftsmanship is undisputed and his reputation in the inside knife community and among colleagues is increasing rather fast!
Editions G
The beauty of a fine and robust blade, the elegance of a handle you want to take in your hand, the superb quality of an object created by a gifted craftsman mastering the alliance of traditional techniques and innovative materials… What are we looking for in a knife? A tool meant to be used, but above all a sense of aesthetics, style and character. Show me your knife, and I will tell you who you are… Knives reveal the soul of those who possess them. They represent the essence of what we are, what we think we are, what we become. They are a mirror and a soulmate. With every knife, Editons G strives for details and quality. Standardization is not inevitable. Knife collectors know it: original pieces are irreplaceable. Their history, style and personality are appealing and captivating. Gregory Pohl has designed and created Editions G while keeping that approach in mind. Gregory has been a knife enthusiast since he was a child and he is now renowned in the world of French cutlery, especially as the organizer of the Euro Knife Show, which takes place every year in Strasburg. He is fascinated by the different techniques of handmade production, and works with renowned craftsmen from Europe and beyond. His passion has become his job and inspired him to offer a range of unique knives. It’s simple: renowned craftsmen are carefully chosen for the quality of their work. Each of them designs a knife, which is then produced in a numbered and signed limited edition. Four series are edited each year.
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Gudy Van Poppel Bullet Flipper Mid-Tech #113/300