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This damascus Gator from R.G Epting features a 1 1/2" cutting edge, 1/8" stock, 7/8" depth, tucked conveniently in the side pocket of a Herman Oak Leather card sleeve. Excellent work. Mint condition. Blade Steel: R.G. Epting Damascus
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Epting, R.G.
I began knife making in 1985 after discovering Blade magazine at the bookstore. I then purchased How to Make Knives by Loveless and Barney, and thus began my addiction. I made my first three knives by hand between 1985 and 1997. Then, I heard about Johnny Stout's Guadalupe Forge Hammer In. After attending my first hammer in and watching Harvey Dean forge damascus, I was hooked. For the last five years, I have been refining my skills in the art of bladesmithing. My primary profession is as a research fabricator, which I have been doing for over 21 years. This, along with my skills as a welder and machinist, have helped me in developing my knife making skills.In June 2003, I traveled to Atlanta and presented a set of Journeyman knives for inspection by the American Bladesmith society. I passed their tests and am now a Journeyman ABS member.I build folders and fixed blades using high carbon steel and my own damascus. I enjoy working with natural materials such as mastodon, pearl, coral, stag and exotic hardwoods. All of my knives are made by me from start to finish. I pay great attention to the detail in my knives, both in the construction and the heat treating of the blades. I use the best materials available on the market, from steel to the handle material. I am a member of the American Bladesmith Society and the Texas Knifemakers and Collectors Association. I would like to give special thanks to Johnny Stout and Harvey Dean for hosting the Guadalupe Forge Hammer In's and all the advice they have so willingly given to me and to other knife makers.I have had a life long love of archery and make a variety of archery accessories, which include arm guards, side quivers, back quivers, broad head protectors, string keepers, and possible bags. Other custom orders can also be
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