Mk40 ASAK (Aircrew Survival Action Knife)

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"The Mk40 ASAK (Aircrew Survival Aviation Knife) is designed specifically for pilot/crew to egress from military fixed or rotor wing aircraft in the event of an emergency landing. The Mk40 is equipped with features that will allow the aircrew to cut, punch and chop through: aircraft aluminium, aviation Plexiglas, electrical cord and sheet metal. The Mk40 is shock proof, water proof, field tested and service ready. The Mk40 is made with all American made components & materials. This knife comes with a Life Time Warranty and extended service."

5160 high carbon steel blade with 1/4" thickness. Hidden tapered tang. Micarta/G10 handle (electrically insulated) with steel jacket liner core. 1" serrated edge and thumb notches on spine. Parkerized Manganese Phosphate coating.

Includes a certificate of authenticity and warranty information. Blade Steel: 5160 High Carbon Steel
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Franco, Andy
Visit this maker's website: Cailco Forge Knife Co.. "I'm a knife maker in Nampa, Idaho. I've been forging blades for 7 years now. I draw my experience from years of making a living as a blacksmith. Although I have made many things in the past, nothing is more enjoyable to me than making knives. What really motivates me to build knives is the idea that what I make gets used in the field. Creating something from raw material into a useful, practical and essential tool that will be used for years is rewarding. It's in the knowing that what I design and create is not in vain, but lasting. Making knives is more than just a trade or skill, but a way I can express myself in perpetuating what I believe. In my earlier days I became very aware of the value of a good knife. I've had many jobs that placed me in difficult situations where a dependable knife was required. From working as a crab fisherman in the Bering Sea, ranch hand up in the North Idaho pan handle, fur trapping along the Flathead in Montana, serving in the U.S. 75th Army Rangers (Airborne), or just hunting mule deer in Southern Utah, I learned the importance of a well made and dependable knife. Sometimes the hard way. If you don't have a good knife with you, you have nothing......... My Philosophy - The Working Knife My construction/design influence derives from the great old American West and the rugged individualism, courage, pioneering spirit of those brave souls who settled it. The knife represents independence, freedom, self reliance, skill and endurance. Knives should be sharp, rugged, tough, practical and look good. Knives should be made to be used. Knives are tools, not jewelry. If a knife looks to nice to be used, then it's too nice. Making knives is my passion and pursuit. The art of knife making is a study and discipline that I take very seriously. I continuously strive to improve the quality, design, durability, strength and integrity of each knife that I make. Every knife I build, I continue to bare in mind the man who will eventually own it..... knowing that some day his life may depend on it. My Knives Every knife that I make is hand made individually in my shop here in Nampa, Idaho. Each knife is made one at a time and is inspected, tested for quality, durability and detail before leaving the shop. I hand forge all my blades the old fashioned way, hammer & anvil. I use only quality high carbon steel on all my knives. I differentially heat treat and temper all my blades. I hand select all my handle material from premium grade Elk, deer, moose and stag antler. All my leather sheaths are made by me as well. I use quality top grade 10 oz. vegetable tanned cow hide. Each sheath is hand fitted and hand stitched to every knife. My goal is simply this: Make knives the way they use to be made 100 years ago,"
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Mk40 ASAK (Aircrew Survival Action Knife)