Gemstone Carver, L.L.C.

Our hand carved gemstone handled hunting knives are not only beautiful but also usable. We hand carve rough gemstones into knife handles and attach the handles onto various styles of stainless steel hunting knives. Check out a few pictures of some of the knives we have completed, as well as pictures of some rough gemstone slabs that are available to choose from for a custom made gemstone handled knife. If there is a particular stone that you like and do not see here, ask us about it and we will try to find it for you. If you already have a knife and would like a particular gemstone handle put on it, contact us and we can determine if the handle can be changed. We have also made gemstone 1911 gun grips. We have included pictures of grips made out of Biggs Jasper, Jade, Owyhee Jasper and Tiger Iron. We also have gemstones that are hand carved and/or polished that are available for making earrings and pendants.
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