I'm Stephanie Reed, entrepreneur and founder of Kalbadurknives, LLC, a one- woman knife making business that I run in Atlanta's historic Grant Park neighborhood. I moved to Atlanta from my native Germany in 2012. Having grown up on an island ( several islands in the North sea are part of Germany) and living close to nature, I became used to carrying a knife for its many uses both indoor and out. This interest in knives, along with a love for working with my hands, made me think about making one of my own one day. While building my new life here in America, I came across a book on knife making in the winter of 2013.The timing was right, so I gave it a try and fell for it completely. My first efforts were gifts or commissions for family and friends. Their enthusiastic response quickly led to the creation of Kalbadurknives. Each Kalbadurknife is on-of-a-kind, made almost exclusively by hand using traditional methods, power tools are kept to a minimum. Once I am satisfied with a blade´s design and initial cut, it is hand field, heat treated in an old farm forge, and tempered in an oven. I design and make each knife´s leather sheath as well- The final product is a tool of beauty , quality, and strength, a knife to be used and treasured for years to come. For an up-close look at my designs and methods, visit my website, www.kalbadurknives.net
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