Knipschield, Terry

Visit this maker's website: Knipschield Custom Knives. "I started making knives part time in the early 80's, but my interest in knives goes way back to when I was old enough to be allowed to have my own real knife. I became a member of the Knifemakers Guild in 1989. Hunting and fillet knives were all I made until about 10 years ago, when I began to make folders. The willingness of other knifemakers to share their skills and knowledge with me (R.B. Johnson, in particular) opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. I now find myself making mostly folders but occasionally going back to my roots, making a hunter, fighter, or fillet knife.My goal is to create knives of solid construction that function first as a cutting tool. I use a wide variety of materials, but favor ATS-34 for blade steel as well as any of the good stainless damascus steels available. All heat treating is done by myself. I like to make straight-forward designs that feel good in the hand, look good to the eye, and then add subtle but attactive embellishments where appropriate. ...and, hope I'll be able to continue the pleasure of making knives for a long time to come!"