Maverik Knives

My name is, Maverik Murdock, I live In beautiful Bozeman Montana. I am currently an ABS apprentice smith working towards my journeyman rating. I built my first knife in 2010 at the young age of 15. I only began forging my own blades in July of 2014 when I started Maverik knives. I am very passionate about keeping the tradition of forging alive. Hand forging for me, is a connection to the past and traditional bladesmithing that no other form of the art can provide.

My goal as a bladesmith is to constantly challenge my abilities with new styles and techniques, building the highest quality knives I can. I aspire to mastering all aspects of knife making from forging, heat treating, carving, metal finishes, leatherwork etc. I love what I do and try to transfer that into every piece I build.
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