Nevling, Mark (Burr Oak)

Mark Nevling was born in Boston Massachusetts and was raised on a land near there that was granted to his ancestors for services to the nation during the Revolutionary War. Marks teenage years were spent in the Chicago area and he currently resides in a small town in downstate Illinois, called Hume. Mark made his first knife in 1987 and from then on knew that knife making was his passion and has devoted his life to perfecting his trade. Blacksmithing is found in both his mother's and his father's family lines and so continues a long family tradition reaching back generations. Full time knife making has allowed Mark to maintain an important roll in his local community as a volunteer firefighter and a certified first responder. Working out of his local shop in Hume allows him to respond to almost forty medical and fire emergencies a year with the rest of the Hume Fire Protection District. Mark has been married for 15 years to Affeelea Nevling who is a registered nurse and talented glass bead maker. Mark and Affee have a son, a daughter , and three lovely grandchildren. Mark is also an apprentice Damascus smith under George Werth who has been outspoken proponent of cleanliness and quality in Damascus forging for decades.