Double Grooved Custom Ti Keychain Light

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  • This is a twist-operation light, just turn the head to turn the light on and off. 
  • Powered by AW's RCR123 Lithium Ion battery (included). A custom silicone foam ring stops the battery from rattling. 
  • Driver is a single-stage 14mm driver from the Sandwich Shoppe-the GD750, which delivers 750mA to the LED. This driver will work with either a primary CR123 or the rechargeable RCR123 Lithium Ion battery. 
  • LED is a Seoul P4 emitter, bin U3SVNH, which is a slightly warm, albeit still a cool-white, tint. 
  • Light engine is machined from 7075AL. 
  • Lens is a 1.5mm thick, double-sided anti-reflection coated Sapphire lens. 
  • The reflector is a smooth IMS 20mm reflector, which was trimmed to fit the LE. 
  • Light is O-ring sealed for waterproofness, but is not designed for diving. 
  • Body of the light is machined from 6AL4V Titanium. 
  • The bottom of the battery tube has been milled to accept up to five Tritium vials, the 1.55mm x 5.5mm style. 
  • Split ring hole and slot allows for tail standing of the light. 
  • Diameter: 24mm/.95"
  • Length: 71.60mm/2.82" 
  • Weight: 74gms/2.6 ounces. 
  • DLC coated.
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Photon Fanatic
Visit this maker's website: Photon Fanatic. After a variety of ?regular? jobs, from retailer, to publisher, to investor relations director, Fred Pilon, is now designing and making custom flashlights on his Swiss lathe. His interest in flashlights was piqued 10 years ago when he took up the sport of rogaining?competitive orienteering over 24 hours?demanding good lighting for the night portion. One thing led to another and hand-held LED flashlights now occupy him full-time.Today, Pilon produces one-of-kind high-brightness LED flashlights which are sold to collectors worldwide. When demand warrants, production of some lights is directed to a cooperative local CNC machine shop that specializes in aerospace components, but the electronics and assembly work is still performed by his company, Photon Fanatic, Inc., located in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts.
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Double Grooved Custom Ti Keychain Light