Titanium Brewlnir - Oven Anodized

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Titanium Brewlnir bottle opener with oven anodization. Comes with original card. Excellent condition.
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Siggers Knife and Tool, Jeff
Hi, I'm Jeff Siggers, and I make knives and tools in my garage. I was born and raised in Southern California, where I spent my formative years riding bikes, marshalling G.I. Joe armies, swimming, Boy Scouting, playing video games, driving recklessly, and trying to get laid. I went to college in San Luis Obispo, CA, and became a Civil Engineer so I could fix California's transportation problems. But then my wife was offered a promotion in New Jersey, so we moved out here, which is sad for California because I was this close to fixing everything. I swear. In New Jersey I decided to turn an interest and hobby into an endeavor, and wanted to make knives in earnest. So with a mix of guidance, inspiration, and bullshit from the New Jersey Steel Baron, I started grinding. I've made a lot of knives now, and made some friends within the New York/New Jersey knifemaker world. And then my wife got offered a promotion in Texas... I make hand-made, custom knives. I love making cutlery because people tend to use their kitchen knives daily, but it always puts a smile on my face when people send me pics from the wilds of their field/camp knives in action. Folders are a newer development, and I've drawn inspiration from several respected makers and one really tight pair of pants to help design those. I also make all sorts of things that open bottles, because I love beer and refuse to live in a world where a person can't lift a cap with style and efficiency. Some of those bottle openers even have other functions. That's basically who I am and what I do.
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Titanium Brewlnir - Oven Anodized