Smith, Stuart

Visit this maker's website: Stuart Smith Forged Knives. Stuart had little passion for knives in his youth until one day his father took him to study blade forging under ABS Master Smith Kevin Harvey. From that day his passion for the forged blade was ignited in the blazing coal fire of Kevin?s workshop. Stuart has been forging knives full time for four years and is preparing for his entry to the Knifemakers Guild of South Africa. Being one of about five Bladesmiths in South Africa, he dedicated to bringing the craft of the forged knife into modern knife making. He is heavily affected by Master Bladesmiths Kevin and Heather Harvey whose influence can be seen in his work.Hand forging his blades from high carbon steel scavenged from scrap yards, Stuart utilizes a variety of performance steels. These include 52100 (ball bearings), 5160, EN45, SAE50 and 50CrV4 all of which are selectively hardened and tempered in his workshop. One of his favorite methods of blade construction is forge welding a three layer laminate with a 52100 core sandwiched between layers of 100+ year old wagon wheel iron. The natural grain in the iron gives a wonderful Damascus effect while providing structural strength to the hard core.Stuart specializes in Scandinavian style Puukko knives with an African flavour. Each of the knives in this style are accompanied by a back stitched sheath with decorative carvings and piercings. He believes that through sweat and fire can a maker truly forge his spirit into each knife.
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