Swearingen, Kurt Allen

Welcome My Background and My Knives After a period of tuition from a respected Swedish knife-maker, I started making my own knives in 2007: in doing so, I fulfilled a long-standing ambition to satisfy my passion for the knives and knife-making methods of the great American tradition. Shortly thereafter, I spent an invaluable week in the workshop of Master Smith, Lin Rhea, perfecting new forging and heat treating techniques, honing my bladesmithing skills and discovering many of the time-honored secrets that help lend my knives their unmistakable combination of quality, individuality and authenticity. In 2014, I received my Journeyman Smith rating within the American Bladesmith Society by passing a ?presentation? judging by seven Master Smith?s and a ?performance? judging, where I cut through a hanging one inch rope in one swing, chopped through (2) two by fours, still shaved hair afterwards, and bent my knife 90 degrees in a vise without breaking.