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This collaboration Klawrambit by Eric Ochs and Ryan Weeks features a stonewashed CPM-154 hawkbill blade with swedge, and notched thumbrest. The handle is comprised of a rock pattern titanium scale, matching titanium ring, tumbled finish titanium frame, lockbar stabilizer, and tip up titanium clip. This is one of three from the 2016 USN Gathering (G8). Nice detent, lockup and blade seating. Comes with padded zippered case. Has a few light scratches on the frame and clip, otherwise excellent condition.
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    Tip Up Carry, Tip Up Clip
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    154 CM
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Ochs, Eric
When I was six years old I received my first knife from my Dad and learned how to use it. A year or so later I got a small Swiss Army knife and have rarely gone a day without carrying and using a knife since. Having grown up primarily in the country with family that was active in the great outdoors there was frequent opportunities to find uses for a knife. Over the years I have collected both fixed and folding knives and put them to use in favorite activities like hunting, hiking, fishing, kayaking or working outdoors. In early 2007 I started designing and making knives and am a fulltime knifemaker. Much of my work now is with folding knives but since the beginning I have used the stock removal method. I cut and grind out all of my own blades, handles and frames by hand using only the highest grades of knife/tool steel and titanium for folding knives. Primarily I use CPM S30V, Elmax, CPM S35VN, CPM 154, and CPM3V. I also work with Damascus steels. I send all of my knife blades to Paul Bos to be heat treated and get a cryogenic double or triple temper to insure the very best edge holding and blade toughness. I believe this is the best, most consistent way, to heat treat the stainless and tool steels I work with in order to maximize the potential of the steel. In 2010 I made my first folding tactical knife and have been enthusiastically developing more models since. I find great inspiration from the work of Bob Lum with his exacting fit and finish and clean simple ergonomic designs. There has also been influence in my work from the books and work of Bob Loveless and Bob Terzuola. Also, it has been a great privilege to work with and call Wayne Goddard a personal friend and mentor.In my designs I strive for simplicity and balance that incorporates functional use and quality materials and craftsmanship. I believe the best knives can be achieved by pulling together the elements of form and function while creating works for enduring use.
Weeks Knives, Ryan
I have always been passionate about knives… As a young boy my fascination grew from playing Cowboys and Indians with the neighborhood knuckleheads. Sticks found their way under my belt taking the form of a stag handled Bowie. With my trusty 6 Shooter (cap gun) strapped to my right hip I terrorized the surrounding back yards. Hiding behind anything that would provide adequate cover, waiting to ambush an unsuspecting adult or pet that happened to be in the area. As an adult, knives became something that I used on a daily basis. I gained an appreciation for the skill and art found in many custom knives. Dad was right, that Gerber started what later became a very expensive habit of buying custom knives! I started collecting high end custom knives from many famous makers. Over the last few years of making knives I have become friends with some of those amazing makers. They have played a huge role in the type of knives I like and make on a daily basis.
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