Dinosaur Tooth Dagger

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This dagger by Lee Berg features a hand rub satin finished blade with false top edge, .189" blade stock and .898" blade depth, hidden tang construction. The handle features a polished steel guard and a fossilized Dinosaur tooth (Spinosaurus Tooth) grip with ebony, bloodwood and silver spacers. Comes with a leather covered wooden scabbard with an onion shaped steel finial. New from maker.
Product Details
  • Blade Length
  • Overall Length
  • Weight (oz)
  • Source
    From Maker
Additional Specs
  • Knife Type
    Has Sheath, Hidden Tang
  • Blade Material
    Carbon Steel
  • Blade Details
    Drop Point, Spear Point
  • Handle Material
    Metallic, Tusk & Tooth, Wood
Berg, Lee
I made my first knife in my Grandfather's blacksmith shop when I was 12 years old while he was showing me how to use his forge and blacksmith tools on different metals. I have been hooked on knives and knife making ever since. About 40 years ago I decided to start making knives as a serious hobby; I have never considered knife making a business, but always just an enjoyable, challenging hobby and with each and every knife, trying not to make it just another functional knife, but always with the goal in mind to try and create a new and individual ""Piece of Art"" from raw and unique pieces of material.

I retired in 1994 from my profession as an Aerospace Artist, Commercial Artist and Graphic Design Specialist, which consisted of creating artwork for several of the leading aerospace corporations in the US I have always tried to apply my artistic skill's when designing and creating unique and always ""One of a Kind"" knives and daggers.

All my knives are entirely hand made and hand finished. Each of my knives is either forged into rough shape then hand filed, or simply hack sawed into rough shape, then hand filed into the final, finished shape, hand polished, then individually heat treated and tempered, one blade at a time. I never use an ""assembly line"" type of operation on any of my knives, but always make just one knife at a time from start to finish, this gives me better control over each and every individual step. Since I feel that the blade is truly the ""Heart"" of any knife, I consider this ""One at a Time"" concept is especially critical in my own heat treating and tempering process.

I do all my own file-work, carving, etching and scrimshaw work that is used to accent many of my knives. I always do the entire knife myself, starting from a steel bar or from a custom made Damascus billet to the finished knife.

Several of my knives have won ""Top Awards"" over the years, and have been in numerous displays throughout the US.

12/19/17 Lee Berg has just informed us that after making knives for 65 years, he has decided to retire from knife making. However he also informed us that he will be selling off his personal collection of his favorite knives he made over the years and stuck away. Even thought some of them are his earlier knives, they are all in absolutely "New condition". None of them has ever been used in any way and has always been stored carefully away in airtight, humidity-controlled containers.

All of these knives were individually designed, hardened and tempered, one at a time, and each knife was totally hand made from start to finish by Lee Berg.
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Dinosaur Tooth Dagger