Stag Hunter

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This knife by Aurum Etchings features a mirror polished drop point blade with etching, .171" blade stock and .831" blade depth, full tang construction. The handle has a nickel silver guard and stag scales with lanyard hole. Has a little patina on the nickle silver, otherwise excellent condition. Comes with a hand tooled brown leather sheath (not original but fits nicely)
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    Previously Owned
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    Full Tang, Has Sheath
  • Blade Material
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    Drop Point
  • Handle Material
    Horn & Antler, Metallic
Aurum Etchings
History of Aurum Aurum Etchings began in 1975 as a division of Aurum Jewelry Company (1973 - 2000) in Richardson, TX. Later that year, it moved to a 20,000 square foot facility in Garland, TX as a separate company. The jewelry company was originally founded to produce gemstone quality rubies, sapphires, garnets and other laboratory produced materials being developed at Texas Instruments for laser and electronic applications. Both companies were based on the rapidly evolving semiconductor technology of the day. Aurum Etchings became the major supplier of chemical etchings to the firearm and knife industry. Its technology differed radically from the historic methods of the past. The company successfully pioneered and established precision chemical engraving as a legitimate decorative form in the firearms industry. Although the new photolithographic etching process did not have the identical physical appearance of hand engraving, its precision detail and affordability made it a force in the market. Its artistic merit and craftsmanship remain the standard for this technology. Colt Industries became an early investor, and Colt Firearms, Winchester, and Buck Knives were early major clients. Thousands of firearms were produced for groups and organizations. Although the firearms industry was always the major activity, Aurum etched knives were also widely collected, in particular, those associated with Buck Knives and the Aurum brand. "Aurum Etchings" achieved hallmark status among knife collectors. After 15 years, Aurum sold its knife etching technology to Buck Knives and installed a new production facility in the El Cajon factory. Later, an updated version was installed in the new Idaho plant. The firearm based technology was sold to a company specializing in collectable handguns and rifles which continues today.
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Stag Hunter