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Tactical Knives – Self defense, martial arts, and LE/military essentials

Originally considered only law enforcement and military tools, the category of tactical knives has expanded from just tactical fixed blades to include folding knives and martial arts blades. 

Tactical knives are used in survival situations and as such require edges that retain sharpness, sure grip handles, and reliable opening/locking mechanisms in the case of folding knives.

Automatic knives are a key subcategory of tactical knives.  These styles must deploy quickly and lockup solidly without fail. Out the front (OTF) automatics are especially desirable because they generally have less bulk, are easily concealed, and use strong coil springs for deployment. 

Since tactical knives are used in special force operations, they often are coated with non-reflective materials. Black and camouflage coatings are popular. Blades are often serrated for superior cutting power.

Arizona Custom Knives has tactical knives for sale of all kinds including fixed blade knives, specialty knives, and tactical folding knives. Popular makers of custom tactical knives are Laci Szabo, Robson Knives by RPW, Jeremy Horton, and Rick Hinderer

Custom tactical knives vs Manufactured tactical knives

Manufactured tactical knives are mass produced to meet general needs at a lower cost. As such they generally have lower quality steels, coatings and handle materials. Custom tactical knives are hand crafted by skilled makers using better steels, superior coatings and more durable handle materials.

Advantages of custom tactical knives

    • Superior materials with better wear characteristics
    • Sharper grinds and more edge retentive and moisture resistant steels
    • More refined mechanisms for ease of deployment in folding knives
    • More tactile handles

Selecting a custom tactical knife

These are some of the major considerations to weigh when selecting tactical knives.


    • Moist, humid environments or dry, arid
    • Covert or open
    • Martial arts training or survivalist trip

Length and shape of blade/handle

    • Martial arts or military/law enforcement
    • Self defense or offensive use
    • Martial arts discipline or preferred grip/hold
    • Balance and feel in the hand

Fit and finish

    • Coated or non-coated
    • Grind preferences
    • Serrated or non-serrated