Trailing Point Hunter

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This trailing point hunter from Rob Hudson features upswept, mirror finished blade with .161" blade stock and .812" blade depth, hidden tang construction. The handle has a mirror polished stainless steel guard and pommel, red/nickel silver/turquoise spacers and buffalo horn grip. Nice fit and finish. Includes a brown leather sheath, original box and papers. Excellent condition.
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    Previously Owned
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    Has Sheath, Hidden Tang
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    Upswept /Trailing
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    Horn & Antler, Metallic, Stones & Minerals
Hudson, Rob
Visit this maker's website: Rob's Custom Knives. "RH Knives are presentation hunting knives ranging from a 7" bird and trout knife, being the smallest, to 8", 9" and 10" trailing points, clip blades, drop points and straight blades. Occasionally, a 10" or 11" sub hilt or a 13" bowie is made. Every knife comes with a custom fit sheath made from 8-10 oz. English bridle leather.Each knife starts with a blade cut from ATS-34, 154 CM, or CPM 154 bar stock. Stainless Damascus is also used. The blades are hollow ground, hardened and tempered to Rockwell 59-60. Heat treating is done in an electronic furnace which accurately controls the temperature. Proper heat treating is the single most important step in the entire process of making a knife. The steel is the heart of any knife and proper heat treating is its soul.After heat treating and final grinding are complete, the next step is to fit the stainless guard. The ricasso area of the tang has a full radius on each side which greatly increases strength and prevents a stress riser. Each guard must have the slot hand filed to fit the radius and make a tight fit. the length of the tang is notched to help hold epoxy, making it more secure. The pommel end of the tang has a threaded section which threads into the pommel. Four small holes are drilled around the threaded pommel hole and into the handle material to form pins when the epoxy hardens. The entire handle, guard and pommel are glued together using two ton waterproof epoxy as well as being threaded and pinned. All of the many steps involved are performed by hand, by me personally. Every knife I make is with the intention of being my own. I won't take shortcuts to hurry the job.Only the best natural materials I can find are used. Handle materials include various hardwoods, buffalo, elk, stag, ivory and gold. Some handle material is dependent upon availability. Engraving and scrimshaw embellishes some of the knives and others are enhanced by file work on the spines, guards or pommels.Each knife has been made with much attention given to details of workmanship, balance and visual appeal. I feel the end result is a quality, durable and attractive knife, which, with proper care, will last a lifetime and can be handed down through generations. Although there are similarities, each knife is one of a kind. My knife styles and designs are greatly influenced by my outdoor activities of hunting, fishing and archery. I contribute my knifemaking to having been a machinist, mutual sharing of ideas with other makers, heat treaters and metallurgists and the ability God has given me.If I can preserve some of the old world craftsmanship, as when things were made one at a time, with pride, and to the best of the worker's ability; and if I can make a knife that someone else appreciates, as I do, then I have achieved my goal.Thank you for your interest in my knives."
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Trailing Point Hunter