Sly II

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This Sly II has the Lile stamp with dot and was custom made with thirteen saw teeth. The Sly II was originally designed by Jimmy Lile to meet the demand for his famous "First Blood" knives.

This knife has a 9" blade with thirteen saw teeth (nine double split teeth and four single), rather than the standard twelve teeth. 3/16" blade thickness and 1 1/2" blade depth. The stainless steel handle is waterproof, cord wrapped, and hollow. The aluminum butt cap unscrews to reveal a compass, and allows you to use the hollow handle for storage. Mint condition. Blade Steel: D2
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Lile, Jimmy
Hi, I’m John Hill, owner of Lile Knives, LLC. Some years ago, I and a former partner purchased all rights to the Lile brand from Marilyn Lile. I have always had the ultimate respect for Marilyn and Jimmy and their products. My goal is to deliver the best custom knife of this type in the world. Our current maker, Vaughn Neeley, is a 37-year, veteran, custom knifemaker. Vaughn uses only the finest materials in the world. Everything is made in his shop with the exception of the compass and twine. They’re all hand-ground, perfectly fitted and finished – custom style. Other people copy Jimmy’s knives, some are okay. We are not the cheapest, but we are the best. Jimmy Lile crafted the legendary First Blood Knife used in Rambo. In honor of his iconic creation, we have continued to produce Jimmy Lile’s knives to the highest standards of custom knife making today. We call these tributes to the Lile legacy, “Next Generation” Lile knives. Jimmy Lile’s life has also been commemorated in our book James B Lile, The Arkansas Knifesmith – Knife Maker to the World. Discussing not only his unique approaches to perfecting his knife designs, the book also gives insight to the upcoming of this amazingly talented knifesmith.
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